Consumer Portfolio Services Offers Tips on Choosing an Auto Loan Provider

Imagine having to go one month without a car. Most individuals find they cannot live without their vehicle for a single day, much less for an entire month. However, there are people who live this way all of the time, as they are unable to obtain financing to buy a new car or truck. Thankfully, there are auto loan providers who are willing to work with individuals in this situation to ensure those who want a car can have one. What should a person consider when choosing an auto loan provider?


First and foremost, the person must determine how much they can afford to spend on a car. This is much more than the monthly payment also. People need to take into consideration gas, repairs, maintenance, taxes and insurance, along with any incidental expenses that arise. A person may find they are able to take a better job, for example, now that they have a reliable means of transportation. What will they do though if the car must go in for repairs? Will they be provided a loaner or must they obtain a rental car until theirs is fixed? This is an incidental expense.

New Or Used

Individuals often need to decide if they will be buying a new or used car. The interest rate varies based on which option is selected, yet many new car buyers don’t realize this. The used car interest rate is typically higher than the interest rate charged on a new car, and borrowers need to determine which will cost them more in the short and long run. However, the used car selection will be broader, and some people find they prefer to have more options. When selecting an auto loan provider, be sure to look at the interest rates charged, as they may vary greatly.

Consumer Portfolio Services is of great help to those individuals who have had credit problems in the past. Everyone needs a reliable form of transportation, yet many find they are unable to obtain a vehicle due to their credit. This company works with individuals in this situation and can also be of help to a person who has a low income or someone who has yet to establish credit. Contact them today to discuss your auto financing needs, and they’ll work to find a solution that is appropriate for you.